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The interuniversity situational center has started working at the faculty of law at Moscow State University

nataliya Среда, 09 Июль 2014 09:34

The interuniversity situational center has started working at the faculty of law at Moscow State University

On May 27th the ceremony of solemn opening of the interuniversity situational center took place at the faculty of law at Lomonosov Moscow State University. As the correspondent of news agency REGNUM informs, Viktor Sadovnichy, rector of Lomonosov Moscow State University started the event. He particularly told that the Situational center of legal initiatives had been established according to the Commission of the President of the Russian Federation dated July 17th, 2012. The main objective of the center is attraction of scientific and professional community of teachers and students to discussion of the major state legislative projects and assistance to citizens in promotion of the initiatives of the all-Russian legal significance.

shumkov rewiewsThe initiator of the project, Dmitry Shumkov, the chairman of the council of the "Center of legal initiatives", in turn emphasized that the Center in MSU had been constructed during 5 months exclusively for private investments without state participation. It is equipped according to all requirements of the modern information environment and is one of the most technologically equipped legal situational centers in the world. As he said, such legal centers are able to solve important problems of a wide spectrum: gathering and generalization of offers for legislative initiatives of the RF, online interaction among scientists of various high schools, effective training of the Russian law to foreign businessmen. Shumkov added that in 2014 opening of the first foreign center of studying of the Russian law in the Republic of Kazakhstan is planned. Besides, there are already arrangements that till September 1st, 2014 creation of the similar center in MGIMO is planned.

The adviser of the President of the Russian Federation Anton Ustinov stressed that the promises connected with the construction of the Center in the MSU, given to the President in December, 2013, were kept in time. "Opening of such centers isn’t an end in itself. The main thing is its further use", - Ustinov noted. The basic directions of development of the Center, in his opinion, are the following: communication with the largest Russian and world legal centers for the purpose of discussion of legal initiatives and development of studying of the Russian law in the world. "It would be desirable to hope that such centers will not only multiply, but they will also actively function", - he concluded.

Rector of Moscow State Institute of international relations (University) under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Anatoly Torkunov agreed with the previous speakers: "creation of a network of world schools is the major algorithm of education development in the world".

Rector of O.E.Kutafin Moscow State Law University (МSLA) Victor Blazheev assured the visitors that the use of the Situational center had multipurpose character. So, for example, in the similar Center in МSLA according to the commission of the President of the Russian Federation the organization of selection and generalization of offers on perfection of new edition of the Civil code of the Russian Federation has been spent, and now within the limits of cooperation with Rosobrnadzor there is monitoring of the Unified State Examination starting all over the country on May, 26th.

The dean of faculty of law of Lomonosov Moscow State University Alexander Golichenkov marked that the Situational center was created on the basis of the university, therefore its basic functions are: to accumulate and direct streams of legal knowledge and initiatives; to implement social projects; to involve students and teachers in legislative and scientific activity; to provide citizens’ rights. "The university should "give" the society its knowledge and skills; its major social function is to be useful for the society". He also paid attention that the Center had been constructed for private investment. "It is pleasant to note that in our country people are able not only to earn money, but also to invest them in a proper way. The situational center at Moscow State University is an excellent example of a correct investment for other businessmen". Golichenkov added that the Center had already concluded an agreement with Presidential library in St. Petersburg on access to materials and information resources that gives additional possibilities for the employees of the center.

Students are difficult to accuse of bias of estimations, that’s why they will be the basic employees of Consultation center. "The world needs an objective estimation, and it is very important that it happens in Moscow, in Russia, and I am sure that it will be supported by other countries and it will be extremely useful", - the first deputy of the chairman of Committee of the Federation Council of Federal Meeting of the Russian Federation of constitutional legislation and state building Alexey Aleksandrov said.

As part of the event there was an excursion around the faculty of law and presentation of technical possibilities of the interuniversity Situational center.

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